Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever!

That is what Brooklyn and I would like to grow! I would settle for a pumpkin that is larger than my hand so we will see...

When I took Brooklyn to the WVU Family Farm Day they were giving away pumpkin seeds for a Pumpkin Growing Contest that they were having. I thought that Brooklyn would have a good time playing with the dirt and it could be something the we (as a family) together.

The rules of the contest are that we have to take pictures of our pumpkin throughout its growing process. Here are the pictures that we have so far!


Brooklyn planting the pumpkin seed in the cup -
Brooklyn putting the seed in the cup!

Getting ready to plant the seedling -
I made this!

Putting the pumpkin plant in the ground with Daddy! -
Planting Brooklyns pumpkin seeding...

Watering the garden -
Brooklyn and Daddy watering the garden!

Yard Sale Season....Yipee!

Well, it has FINALLY happened. Yard Sale season has started...and we are LOVING every Saturday of it! Dave and I are very proud to say that 95% of Brooklyn larger toys (any Step2 OR Little Tikes equipment) were either bought at yard sales OR given to us for free! The other 5% were presents either given at Christmas or Birthdays.

The fact alone that we can either sell the same things in several years for a portion of what we paid for it is really exciting. Heck, if our kids destroy the stuff we are only out $10 at most.

We love yard sales!

Anyway - here are some of our latest finds over the last couple of weeks.

Toddler Baby Stroller - $1.50

Ball Popper - $1.00
popper toy

Little Tikes Drawing Table - $7.00
Brooklyn's new drawing table/desk

In addition to those super finds we have also gotten a bunch of clothes, letter & shape wooden puzzles, some board books.

Morgantown has the BEST yard sales!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Shower - May 3rd, 2009

I had my first of two baby showers this yesterday evening. It was really low key since this is my third pregnancy (2nd baby). Shannon planned and threw it for me. We invited a bunch of people expecting most of them NOT to come. Well, we needed up with a huge crowd...I think like 17 people all together.

We had it at Panera Bread at dinnertime...So Yummy! We just ate, chatted and ate super yummy cake! Here are some pics - ENJOY!

My 31wks pic - Before I left!

The girls -

Me and the yummy cake!
Me and the cake

All the pregnant people that were at the shower! LOL I swear that it is in the water here!
All the pregnant ladies at the shower.

Me with the presents before I opened them.
The presents!

We had a great time! I feel so blessed to even be having ONE shower let alone TWO!

Oh yeah - I registered for CD and got my first set of NB prefolds from GMD! They are already in the wash getting soft and cute! Yay!

Shannon made a baby pool and had everyone sign up! They had to guess when, what and how big the baby would be. It was really interesting to see what everyone thought.

There was a tie on boys vs. girls.
The dates ranged from June 27th to July 10th...the most popular was July 9th (3 days PAST my due date) LOL
The weight ranged from 7lbs. 10oz. to a whopping 8lbs. 15oz. (Who knows...Brooklyn was 7lbs 1oz at THREE weeks early and this baby is measuring 3 - 4 ahead ...I have another U/S on Friday for growth.