Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just so you know...

I am taking a little break from blogging over the next couple of months. Between Brooklyn, Braxton, keeping the house in decent shape, getting a few minutes a day to myself and also tring to by with my husband...something just has to fall to the way side for a little while.

I promise that I will be posting cute pictures as I get them and not to be away too long. I am guessing that within the next couple of months our life will settle down to a more managable life and I will be able to get back to blogging.

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer (now that it actually feels like summer!).

Until then blog at you later!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Braxton's Birth Story....Finally!

Sorry that this took so long blog I said before, having 2 kids under 2 is harder than I thought and a lot my busier!

Enjoy -

Since I was going on 9 days late, Dave and I were trying everything to induce labor naturally. After Dave got home from work, we decided to take a LONG walk with Brooklyn.

The walk was wonderful! Dave and I were able to talk about the pregnancy, how we think Brooklyn would act after the baby came, and lots of other things. After walking 4+ miles on the Rail Trail we decided to take Brooklyn home and get her ready for bed. She was starting to get fussy and my pelvis was starting to really ache.

During the walk, I started having a few cramps but nothing that I haven’t had over the last several weeks. On the way back home, I started to have contractions…or what I thought were contractions. I didn’t say anything to Dave as not to jinx myself, so I just watched the clock. Over the 20 minute ride home, I had about 4 or 5 contractions. Yay!

We got home about 8pm, so I quickly got Brooklyn ready for bed and put her to sleep. I wanted to track the contractions that I was having and sit on my birthing ball in hopes that they would continue. Well they did and they actually got lots stronger as we relaxed on the couch and watched TV. The contractions ranged from 8 minutes apart and 15 minutes apart. The contractions weren’t too bad pain wise but I definitely knew that I was having contractions.

By 10pm, they started getting further and further apart and I was getting more and more frustrated by that. I decided then take a shower and go to bed instead of thinking about how the contractions were fizzling out. By the time that I got out of the shower, I was feeling loads better and was ready to go to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was sound asleep. That is something that hasn’t happened in a ~long~ time.

The sound sleep didn’t last very long as I was awaken with very strong contractions by 11:50pm. I actually remember thinking to my self – “Am I dreaming that I am going into labor?” After about 3 or contractions I realized that I was indeed actually pregnant and having contractions. I tried laying there for a few minutes to see if how far apart they were. As I watched the clock I realized that they were only 2 minutes apart or less. I also realized that they were very uncomfortable while lying in bed. I got up to use the bathroom and say blood when I wiped. All I could think is “Yay…blood! This must be it.”

I walked out into the living room so I could call Teresa. I wanted her to tell me that I was indeed in labor. I didn’t trust myself and didn’t want to look like an idiot waking up Dave just to have them fizzle out again so I called. I got a hold of Teresa of and she confirmed that I was most likely in labor. I tried to be tuff and told her to that I would call her back when I was ready for her to come. After waking Dave (10 minutes later) I called her back to tell her to come. I needed and wanted someone there that has been through this before.

While we waited for Teresa to get there, I called my mom, sister Trieva and sister-in-law Shannon. I wanted to make sure that they knew that I was labor and to start praying for the delivery that I wanted. I also wanted to get some encouragement and I knew they would all give me what I needed.

By the time I got off the phone, the contractions were starting to get lots stronger. I actually had to stop and breathe or sway through them. On a pain scale they were probably at about 4ish, so not horrible at all but enough to tell me that we were getting some where. Yay! About 15 minutes later, Teresa got there with a slurpee. Let me tell you, I was excited about that. I have been craving them this whole pregnancy and it seemed so fitting to have one on the last day that I would be pregnant.

Over the next 2 ½ hours, I labored at home. I wanted to stay longer but since I was so dilated already we didn’t want to be put in the situation of delivering in the car. The contractions continued to get stronger and started lasting longer and longer over that time. Teresa also started showing Dave different pressure points on my tailbone and back to push on while I was having a contraction. Using the counter – pressure really helped and let me relax as much as I could during each contraction.

About 15 minutes before we left for he hospital, Teresa side that she thought that I was transitioning. I had NO clue what that meant but knew that you wanted to be in the hospital when it happened. Dave went to wake is mom (she had been staying with us waiting for the baby to come and take care of Brooklyn while we were in the hospital) to tell her that we were heading to the hospital and that she was on Brooklyn duty. She wished us luck and we were on our way.

While I walked to the car, Teresa pulled Dave aside to tell him what to listen for and when to pull the car over…just in case. That FREAKED Dave out and he has never driven so fast to the hospital. I think that we were there within 7 minutes…I laughed the whole way!

Once we got to the hospital, we had to check in and wait for transport to take us up to the labor & delivery floor. I went in to check in and Dave went to park the car. I got myself checked in and was waiting for transport by the time Dave and Teresa got in from parking the car. When they got in they found me hovering over the trash waiting to puke. I knew that I didn’t want to start puking but it made me feel SO much better.

As I was finishing up my puking session, transport came with a wheelchair. He took one look at me and left not saying anything. I was a little irritated thinking that he didn’t want to deal with me but he returned quickly with a vomit tray for the ride. I finally got in the wheelchair and we were finally off to the 6th floor.

Once we got to L&D, they put me in the triage room to change, get monitored for a little bit and wait for Betsy to come. The room was SO small and I was happy that we didn’t stay in there too long. Before we left, Amber (my L&D nurse) asked about a billion annoying questions and Betsy checked me. When she checked me she confirmed that my water still hadn’t broken, that I was 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I remember being bummed that I was only 5cm dilated, but everyone encouraged me and that helped. Then we got into our room. I felt so relieved once we were there. I think that I just didn’t want to move again. I wanted to be in the place that we would have our baby.

Over the next 4ish hours (I really couldn’t tell you how long…labor land is a crazy place) I labored. I labored all throughout the room and in the shower. Teresa, Dave and Betsy tended to me as I walked around the room trying to find a comfortable way to have a contraction. At some point Betsy checked me again and I was 7cm dilated. I spent the most time sitting in the shower having Dave spray water on my lower back in between contractions. I was bliss when the contraction stopped and the water started spraying me again. I would just close my eyes, chant to myself, and sway.

While I was in the shower, Betsy was talking about how the baby was having heart deciles but she wasn’t too concerned since the baby was descending AND the heart rate was coming back up really well after each contraction.

I started having the urge to push and needed to walk about so I got out of the shower. I walked around the room for a while, trying my hardest not to push (it didn’t work very well). Betsy decided to check me again (I think that she checked me about an hour earlier) and I was 9 ½ cm dilated. She said that I had a tiny lip left and that she was going to push it back while I pushed. I think that was the only part of the labor and delivery that REALLY hurt. She pushed it back and I pushed and screamed. That pain was crazy.

Once the baby was pushed past that lip that was left, Betsy told me that we were going to have a baby. I started pushing but wasn’t really sure if I was doing anything so I asked for a mirror so I could see what was going on. That was really cool and I am so glad that I asked to see it.

After pushing for 20 minutes or so, the baby’s heart rate was continuing to have deciles. My calm midwife knew that everything was fine but since I was the dreaded VBAC the OB on duty was starting to get nervous. He came in threatening to use a vacuum to get the baby out. I knew that I didn’t want that so I started pushing again but was now giving it all I had. The OB also showed me another to push that really did help.

I think that I continued pushing for another 30 minutes or so when someone said “Amber your baby is right there…it is going to come soon!” And the next thing that I knew, I looked at the mirror and there was a head between my legs! Betsy told me not to push, the shoulders popped out and then he was here.

Betsy laid him on my chest and I thought to myself…”what did I have?” I didn’t here anyone call anything out. I lifted its leg and saw a penis. IT’S A BOY! I knew it! After that, I remember just looking around the room and thinking….I did it! I couldn’t believe that after all of my stressful, drama filled pregnancies….I had the exact birth that I wanted. Praise God!