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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Way to go Joe!

On Thursday, June 26, Joe Alexander (Former WVU Forward) will be participating in the NBA Draft. He was invited to New York for the draft so if he is selected he will be shown on TV.

I hope everyone will be watching. Lets Gooooooooooo Mountaineers!

He also rang the bell for the New York Stock Exchange are some pictures!



Brooklyn's First Blog...

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{I guess she didn't have a lot to say.}

9 Months~

yep, you heard right! Brooklyn is 9 months old! She has been in as long as she has been out. (well, to be specific she has been out longer, she was 3 weeks early.)

I can't believe it! So much has changed ~but~ so much has also stayed the same too!

Here is Brooklyn's Nine Month Update on skills/developmental milestone:

* Still nursing strong at 9 month and still sleeping through the night.

* Still taking 3 naps a day (am nap - 2.5 hours, pm nap - 1 to 2 hours and evening nap 45 min.) I would have thought that she would be down to 2 naps by now but she just won't drop the 6 pm nap. I am assuming that she will not be napping 3 times each day in college. hehehe

*Starting to crawl but is perfecting the art of army crawling. I will have to upload a vid of is SO cute!

* Still not saying any words in English, but is communicating in her own 'Brooklynise'. She has started to say "ba, ba, ba" but it hasn't turned into anything as of yet.

* She is loving her play groups and has started to watch other children as the play. She thinks that they are playing with is really very cute to watch.

* Cloth diapering is still going great! I have found that I LOVE prefolds and covers. They wash and wear so easily! On most days I will just have a prefold on her around the house and only put a pocket diap on if we are going to be out for a long time. We have also started to use fleece soakers and wool shorties for summer. They are super cute and are loads less hot in the warmer weather.


* I am still making all of Brooklyn's baby food and she is still eating everything in sight. {I weighed her on our scale a few days ago, she weighed 21 lbs.} We also have tried giving her grains again and she seems to be tolerating them well. Fingers crossed for no more bad reactions.

* She is trying to pull herself up but not doing so great. I think she is having a hard pull that large gut of hers. LOL

* Separation Anxiety has hit in full force. She wants me to hold her whenever I am around and won't even go to Dave if I am around. If she can't see me then she is fine (out of sight out of mind, I guess.) but if she can, watch out! I am guessing that this is something that we just have to deal with. Hopefully it is just a phase and she will grow out of it soon! Oh well, I am enjoying her wanting to love on me!

later bloggers!

Still running...

Dave and I are still running and doing great! We have moved onto the second week of the training and seem to be getting better and better with each run. Hopefully is keeps up! (fingers crossed)

Well, Brooklyn is screaming in her crib, so I am off to get her....

{side note - I hope that her brain is not damaged while I am writing this...some of you know what I am talking about, everyone else I will explain later.}

Monday, June 16, 2008

More pictures of Brooklyn...

This is what we did when the power was out yesterday!






Father's Day, No Electricity, and Run #4..But not in that order!

Let me first wish all those awesome Dad's out there a Very Happy Father's Day! I hope that you all had a great all deserve it!

I think Dave had a pretty great First Father's day! At least I think that he did. I kept telling him that it was 'his day' and he should let me pamper him. He didn't want anytihng to do with that. He continued to say that he had things that he needed to get done.

What Dave wanted to do: Watch the Masters and drink beer.

What actually happened:

On a sidenote, if it were Mother's Day I wouldn't have done ANYTHING! I don't think that I should do anything (exercise, house work, etc.) on special days. Dave knows that, so he thought it was funny that I kept saying; "I wouldn't be doing that." LOL

8:30 - I woke up and Dave was already out of bed. I went back to sleep...LOL
a little after that, Dave woke me up by putting Brooklyn in bed with me.

He opened Brooklyn's card that we got him. He had already opened his big present earlier that week. We got him a MR. BEER Home Brewery Kit that he LOVED! I was a little worried that he wouldn't like but he did.

9:00 - he started doing the luadry (This is his normal Sunday routine every week.)

9:30 - We went for a run. Run #4

Since Dave and I are not runners YET, we decided to extend the 1st week routine for this next run as well. We are hopping on our next run (Tuesday barring any rain) we will move onto week 2 of the program.

I got some new running sneakers and they were AWESOME! It felt like I was running on a cloud. When we started running, I even told Dave and it was so much easier running with these sneakers. Well at least for the first 10 minutes...

We did have a little drama during this run though. You all know that we run in a neighborhood near our house. Well, in a neighborood you normally will find dogs. Most homeowners will either chain their dogs in the front yard OR keep them inside. Well as Dave and I are running past these houses, every house has at least 2 dogs that would basically chase us. Some houses would have a sign stating that they had an electric fence but others didn't. Since I had such a tramatric expereince with a dog when I was younger,(I was attacked by a dog and had to get stitches) Dave knew that this place wouldn't work.

We ended up going to the beginning of the neighborhood and running at the beginning of the neighborhood. It worked out great and since the enterance area is shaded it was a COOL run!

10:20 - 12:00 Laudry, Luadry and more Luandry

12:00 - Lunch

12:20 - 3:30 - Mow the lawn and help me weed the garden

At about 3:30 our power went out! Ugh...Dave and I laid around hopping that it would come back on. After about an hour, Dave called and they said that it wouldn't be on until after 6:30.

Since we didn't want to open the frig or freezer to make dinner, we went out for dinner. We went to Damien's and after that we stopped at Kroger to get Dave some beer. Gotta have the beer.

The power was still not on when we got back, so we went outside to play. It was starting to get warm in the house with no AC so we called the power people again. This time they told us that it should be on by 8pm.

At 7:58pm the glourious power came back on.

After the whole day of doing stuff that he didn't really want to do, Dave got to sit and watch the Masters and drink a beer.

I guess he could always try next year, right?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Run #3

Dave and I went for our 3rd run yesterday evening before dinner. We are still on 60seconds of running then 90 seconds of walking for 25 minutes.

There really isn't much that I can say about this run. I will leave you with 3 words that will sum up out run.




That is about it! I think that I lost about 3 lbs. just from sweating! hehehe

It's Official!

Well, last week I mailed in my resignation letter to Mon. County Public Schools and today Dave and I will finish cleaning out my classroom. As of this afternoon, I will be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) to Brooklyn and any other children that we will have after her. ~~No, I am not pregnant~~

I went in on Wednesday afternoon without Brooklyn to get the process started and to get the first car load. As I walked in, I thought that maybe I would miss it a little bit. But then I realized that there were also no kids in the room causing havoc, no parents complaining about grades and no principals volunteering me to do even more work throughout the day.

If you are a teacher, you now know that is when I realized that I wouldn't miss at all! LOL I'm not going to miss all the 'crap' that comes along with teacher. If you ask me what am I going to miss, there are a few things. I will miss meeting new students at the beginning of the year, decorating my classroom in August; day dreaming about what cool things might happen that year, and teaching interesting subjects and watching their eyes light up when they finally understand what I am saying.

So nursing Brooklyn, changing & washing diapers, and play dates will be my life for next several years. It will be a change I am sure but a fun, excited and interesting change. This is what I was born to do, I feels SO natural and that is what is most important.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Trip

As I wrote on Friday, Dave and I were going away this weekend and leaving Brooklyn overnight for the first time. Ugh...

Overall, everything was great! Brooklyn never cried while we were leaving which I thought was just great. I didn't think that I would have been able to handle that.

Friday -

During the afternoon, Dave and I hung around my parents house. It was 99 degrees in Frederick so we weren't really trying to go any where. While Brooklyn napped, I headed out to the MOM's Organic Market. Let me tell you, Morgantown ~needs~ one of these. I loved it! They had everything that I needed/wanted/never knew that I needed. I got Brooklyn some Yobaby Organic Yogurt and a Organic Pesticide. Something has been eating my basil so I needed something that would deter them but wanted my garden to stay organic.

In the evening, I met a bunch of friends to see Sex and the City. I give it 2 stars out of 5. It was just alright, not great but alright. I actually thought that it was too long really. It could have been a whole lot shorter but they dragged it out. After the movie we went out to Friday's. Yum-o! It was so good. I wish that there was a Friday's closer. Ugh...

Saturday -

Dave and I left Brooklyn with Aunt Keena (my sister) and went to a community yard sale. I was so great! We got so much that the everything almost didn't fit in the car. LOL

Yard Sale Finds - I haven't gotta pictures yet but will get them and post later!

Toddler Pool - Pool has two separate pools, one slide and a dinosaur that sprays water all around.

Cost - $3 (talked down from $5)

Little Tikes Picnic Table

Cost - $6 (talked down from $10)

Little Tikes Push Car - The kids feet go through the car and they push it. For ages 2 and up.

Cost - $6 (talked down from $7)

Electric Chain Saw

Cost - $15 (Dave didn't try to make a deal...ugh)

After Yard Sailing, Dave and I played with Brooklyn, feed her and headed out to Gettysburg. She was smiling when we left so that made me really relaxed.

By the time that we got to out B&B The Brick House Inn it was 2pm.


We weren't allowed to check in until 4 so we walked around downtown Gettysburg. We went in a few shops and bought some presents.

After we checked in we laid around until dinner. In our room waiting for us were chocolate covered strawberries and a chilled bottle of wine!



We ate at the Dobbin House. Let me just tell you that it rocked! The food was awesome and the atmosphere was great. After dinner, we went back to the B&B hung out in the garden, talked and took some cool pictures. Overall, very relaxing!





Before we went to Gettysburg, we decided that we would take a haunted walking ghost tour while there. There were about 10 different places that did them...crazy, I know! We finally decided to take a tour with Gettysburg Ghost Tours. They have been on TV and got really great reviews.

Let me tell you, It was great. Before the actual walk, I asked the ticket taker if anyone every sees anything on the tour and he immediately said YES! Apparently they often see orbs and other things that they couldn't explain. By this point, I was excited! I really wanted to see something but even more I wanted to catch something with me camera.

Well, let me say....I totally caught something in a few pictures.

In the first picture you can see "orbs" all around the area. The area shown was where many bodies were left to die after being injured.


In this picture you can see something (a face maybe??) in the window of the Rupp House. I have also magnified the picture to show it more clearly. What do you think that it is??????



After the really creepy tour, it was getting really late. Dave and I headed back to out B&B and went to sleep. We knew that our Three-course breakfast was being served at 8:30 and we wanted to be on time. yumo...

First course - Friendship Bread and Fruit Salad
Second course - Eggs & Sausage (They had a fancy name for the eggs but I can't remember it, sorry)
Third course - Shoefly Pie (Never had it before but was freaking good!

After breakfast, Dave and I were really missing Brooklyn so we packed up the Envoy and headed back to Frederick.

That was basically it. Good times had by all...we really recommend the Brick House Inn. I was so great!

It's Our Anniversary


Dave and I have been married for 6 years today! In honor of my wonderfully terrific husband I am going to list 6 things that I love about him. Here I go...

#1 - I love that he always says I love you when getting off the phone no matter who is around.

#2 - I love that he misses Brooklyn and me while at work and tells me.

#3 - I love that he opens doors for me and other women while out. He is such a gentlemen.

#4 - I love that when there is a spider he doesn't ask me to kill it...he just comes and kills it.

#5 - I love that I have never taken out the trash while married...have never even been asked. To tell you the truth, I don't know where the trash bags are are. Oops!

#6 - I love that he loves me passionately, completely and he doesn't care who knows it.

Couch to 5K - Run #1 & #2

Run #1 - Friday, June 6th...

Dave and I decided that we would run in the Woodlands development with Brooklyn. We picked this area because it is a beautiful development (houses range from 500K - 1 million), it is on the same street as us, and wouldn't cost a lot in gas to get there.

If you live in Morgantown you know about the hills! There are hills every can't get past them unless you are REALLY looking for them. There are a few hills (I think, 2 small and 1 huge) but in the end we knew that it would make us better runners, so we pressed on.

Today the training was....60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking.

If you are a runner, I am sure that you are looking at that and laughing BUT it is a COUCH to 5K NOT a mile to 5K.

Even though Dave and I a VERY active, that 25 minute run kicked out butt. I said to Dave as we were driving back home, "I thought Zumba was is easy compared to this!"

Run #2 - Sunday June 8th

First let me say that I have NEVER exercised on vacation/holiday/birthday! I always say to Dave...."It's Labor Day...that means no exercising."

Since we were in Frederick, there were hardly any hills to worry about. We were able to run in my parents neighborhood while Brooklyn napped. Let me tell you, running with a jogging stroller in tow and running just by yourself is VERY different. Our stroller is really nice and moves great but that extra 30ish really makes for a harder run.

Today we had the same training as before...60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking

Gotta love the walking.

Our next run will be on Tuesday...stay tuned we are back at the Woodlands.

Oh yeah...if anyone would like to join us, let us know. The more the merrier!

Couch to 5K....Here we go!

On one of my many message boards that I peruse while Brooklyn is napping was talking about a running program. I bookmarked the site a few weeks ago and thought that I would just look at it later.

A few days ago, I decided that I wanted to try it but was worried about where/when/how I would fit ~yet~ another activity into our families already busy schedule. I randomly told Dave about the program and his ears perked up!

After I showed him the program, he decided that he wanted to do it with me. Woot! I was worried that me leaving him and Brooklyn would take away from our evenings together but now we are working out together.

The program looks really fun. It is a 2 month program where at the end you should be able to run a 5K without stopping or walking.

Here's hopping.

I will be updating our progress and telling you what hurts.

This should be fun...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I don't think that I am ready!

We are getting ready to leave for Frederick! While leave Dave and I are planning on leaving Brooklyn with my Mom and Dad for OVERNIGHT. I might not sound like much for anyone else put I have ONLY been away from her long enough to see a movie then come home. Ugh...

Please send me all your; ~good thoughts~, ~prayers~, and ~happy thoughts~ this weekend. I am sure that Brooklyn will have a grand ole time with Grammy and Pop Pop. Her mother for another hand, will not be so great!

I will update on our romantic getaway later!

Have a great looks like it is going to be beautiful!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Importance of Extended Rear-facing...

As Brooklyn comes closer and closer to being a year old, Dave and I have been talking/planning lots of things. Before we had her we never heard about extended rear-facing. Now that we know about it, Brooklyn will be rear facing for as long as possible.

If you don't know much or anything about it, check out this video on YouTube. It shows actual test crashes and how the children's little bodies react to it rear-facing and front facing.

Please check this out...I think it is SO important to have ALL the facts.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And with further ado...

I haven't blogged in a while, and have been told that I need to update. If you have been looking for an update you can Thank Julie and Lorrie for harassing my today!

Anywho, this weekend, Patty (Dave's Mom) came for a quick visit. She has been up to Morgantown almost every month since Brooklyn has been born. She really should just buy a house here now that gas prices are so bad. It was a great visit! She was able to hang out with Brooklyn and while she was doing that I was able to make some baby purees. (I made Brooklyn some chicken, but that is another post)

Patty has been wanting to get her pictures taken with Brooklyn for a few months now and Dave volunteered me to be the photographer. I ~love~ taking/having photo shoots with Brooklyn during the day BUT I don't have to show anyone the pictures if they suck. Well after A LOT pleading from Dave, we had a photo shoot with Brooklyn and Patty (Grams). Here are that pictures for the shoot!





That is all for now!

~I promise to blog in the next week!~ At the most two weeks! LOL