Tuesday, March 31, 2009

18 Months Well Visit at the NEW Pedi!

I still cant believe that Brooklyn is 18mths old! That is just CRAZY!

She had her pediatrician appointment with her NEW pediatrician yesterday! We ~had~ to switch since I was losing my mind continuing to go there. We LOVED her doctor at the P.O.C. but hated that we could only see her when Brooklyn was well. Everytime she was sick, I would call and be forced to see some other random doctor. Other than Dr. Clawges, I really didn't want to see anyone else.

So we switched! I love the new place. It is a very small practice with only a 2 or 3 doctors. It actually reminds me of the pediatricians office that went to when I was little.

Brooklyn walked right in and started playing with the toys. She was sold from the beginning! LOL

Before walking to the room, Brooklyn weighed and measured...She did surprisingly well. She normally doesn't like the temperature taking part but she did well!

18 Mth Stats:

Weight - 28lbs. 3oz. ~ 90th percentile
Height - 32 1/2 ins. ~ 75th percentile
Head - 43 cm ~ 90th percentile

While we were there she had to get a shot (DTAP) and was given the once over to make sure that everything was good. Dr. Wood was SO nice and Brooklyn went right to her when she came in. She was checking out her laptop that she brought in AND the doctor actually let her explore without telling her NO, its not a toy! She was very sweet to her.

My list to talk about -

1. Possible Milk Allergy - I asked about this and she confirmed that the constant loose stool is a sign. Since we have already tried switching from Organic Milk to NON-organic milk, she would like us to try switching to Soy Milk. We are going to try this for a month to see if anything changes. If it doesn't, then Brooklyn will be sent for allergy testing next month. I will be SO glad to figure out if this OR something else is causing it. It totally sucks cleaning that kind of poo off cloth EVERYDAY!

2. Refusing the Chicken Pox Vaccine - Since she is a new pediatrician, I was ready for a fight. She just looked at me and said hopefully she will get it on her own soon. That is exactly what I want. Dave and I both had the chicken pox's and are totally fine...Brooklyn will be too!

Then of course, there are MORE things that I forgot to ask about. Am I then only one that does that? I hope not! She doesn't go back until September, so hopefully I will remember all those extra things next time! Yeah right! ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lots of pics!

Dave and I ~finally~ finished Brooklyn's new room. It took us longer than we thought since we were dealing to lots of sicknesses going through our house. We moved Brooklyn into the guest and are giving her old room to the new baby. Since her old crib would have been a pain to move we thought this would be easier.

I love her room and I think that she does too. She will wander back to her room and sit in her little chair and read! It is so cute to see...I have video of it and need to upload it still!

Here is the new room!

View from the door -

View from the dresser/changing table -

View from the crib -

Some other random pics from the last few months -

Playing in the tub -


Playing outside - Gotta LOVE springtime!



I also added a belly pic from 22wks pregnant! I am planning on taking another on this week....I cant believe how FAST this pregnancy is going. I have a little over 15 wks left! CRAZY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's a question...

that I find that I am always asking myself. You wanna know what it is....

"Why do I do this to myself...it is NOT worth it!"

Now that you know the question, here is a wonderful story that in the end I was asking myself that very question.

Brooklyn had yet another stomach bug (maybe the flu..I just don't know) this past weekend. She was puking up everything, even water for a good 36 hours. Loads of fun. Patty (Dave's mom) we up to watch Brooklyn, since Dave and I were going to the WVU/L'ville game on Saturday Night. Thankfully, Patty was eager to help clean and didn't care that the house smelled like vomit.

The weekend came and went when Brooklyn finally stopped puking. Unfortunately, the puking was followed by a high fever that wouldn't respond for anything. After, almost 48 hours of 102+ temperature, I decided that I should probably call the doctor just so could tell me that something was going around and to keep an eye on her.

So I called...
Left message for nurse to call me back...
She called me back after awhile...
During the call back she didn't tell me to just wait and see...
She actually freaked out, telling me that a temp 'that high for SO long' was not alright and that the pedi needed to see her...


Of course, the next appointment that they had open was 35min later. After I explain to the "pleasant" appointment lady that Brooklyn and I were both still in our PJs and that an appointment 35min later would probably be pushing it for us. She responded with "Mam, WE are trying to help you out...I hope you understand we are all booked up."

WHAT???? I didn't even want to come...

So, I tell her that I will do my best to get there! After running around the house like a crazy women getting dressed, getting Brooklyn dressed, grab the diaper bag, and head out the door. To my surprise, we were actually there at 11:03. WOOT! I did better than I thought.

As soon as we get there, checked in, seated waiting to be called back I hear Brooklyn poo! That's right, I heard her poo. If you are a mom, you know what kind that would be.

Found a bathroom with changing table, changed her and found our seat again to wait. We were called back super fast. The nurse checking Brooklyn's weight, temp, etc was nice and didn't bother Brooklyn too much. She showed us back to the room where we proceeded to wait....and wait...and wait....and wait some more. Well actually waited for 50 minutes (that's right..after I hauled ass to get there, they made us weight 50min before seeing anyone)

While we waited in the 5 x 5 room with a toddler Brooklyn blew out her diaper 2 times and cried for 30 min.

When the doc finally came in, she checked Brooklyn out and told me that it was a bug and to watch her.

That's right....all that to tell me something I already knew. I got in the car and said "Why, do I do this to myself?"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just letting you know...

I have been stressing and stressing about making a blog post to update everything that has happened in the past 3 weeks.

I have just decided that I am NOT going to update. I am going to move on....start a new post about what is CURRENTLY going on and forget that I was stressing about the update post.

Just letting you know...

PS..........I am SO freaking happy that spring is almost here....the time change and 72 degree weather is the best! Yay!