Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pics - ENJOY!

Sorry that there isn't too many words but I have taken about 200 pictures in the last 2 weeks....the pics say it all!

My Moms Christmas Tree


Brooklyn & Mommy decorating Christmas Cookies


The "Boys" Christmas morning


Dave's Family during their Christmas




Brooklyn & Santa - 2008

Every year, our next door neighbor (Hoppie - dont ask...) comes over dressed up as Santa for the kids. J (our nephew) and Brooklyn both met him last year. Brooklyn didn't care AT ALL but J wasn't really excited to see him.

This year I was exicted because Brooklyn would actually know what is going on. When 'Santa' rang the doorbell, I was a little nervous about what J and Brooklyn would do. Not so much fearful of the crying but I wanted to be able to get a few good pictures.


J went right up to Santa and was so exicted to see him. Brooklyn not so much...she really didn't dislike him but didn't really wnt him there either. As long as she was with me (or on me) she was alright.


'Santa' gave out gifts and asked questions to the kids. It was really cute! Toward the end of the trip Brooklyn started to warm up. 'Santa' had jingle bells that Brooklyn fell in love with. She was having a great time making 'music' and dancing around.

Right before 'Santa' left, I got brave and sat her on his lap. To my surprise, no tears. No nothing.... we even got a cute photo.


But don't worry it only lasted a few minutes before she realized that 'Santa' was NOT Mommy and she leaped off his lap to me. Ha hA!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Merry Christmas~

I can't believe that it is Christmas already! (well, in a couple of days) Dave, Brooklyn and I are spending this Christmas in Frederick. If you didn't already know that is where I grew up.

Every year my whole family comes over Christmas morning to open presents, eat some yummy food and relax. Did I mention the food! I am really excited that my morning sickness is starting to end and I will be able to eat it all. Yum!

This past weekend, we had Christmas with Dave's family. It was great. I haven't uploaded pics yet but will when we get back from Friday.

I didn't send out Christmas Cards this year...I just plum ran out of time. Most were already addressed but couldn't complete the whole process. Anyway, maybe next year...

I wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and an even better New Year. If you are going to the WVU Bowl game...cheer loud and make sure that we win. If we don't, it will be your fault. :)

Since it is the holiday season, I uploaded Adam Sandlers Holiday songs for your veiwing pleasure. I know that you have probably heard them but they are my FAVORITE songs during the holiday!


The Christmas Song -

The Hanukkah Song - really my fave!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnancy #3 Belly Pics

Here is my 11wk belly picture. Dave and I also took one at 6wks and then again at 8wks. I wont bore you with those since is jst shows all my bloating. hehehe


We 'plan' on taking belly pictures every other week. Instead of making a post everytime, the pics will be on the side bar on my blog. If you want to look you can, if not then dont!

Hope that everyone is enjoying the snow and ice in Morgantown today!

Chistmas Tree Cutting 2008

We do this every year...and EVERY year is snows a few days before we go. This year was NO execption. This year though, we now have a walking toddler with us. Brooklyn does not have snow boots yet (her feet are super small and we couldn't find any) and of course she wanted to walk aroung like she did. Not really my idea of a great time.

Anyway, here are the pics for our family outing!

We went to the King's Tree Farm in Preston County:

Brooklyn and Daddy with his eyes closed!

Brooklyn and Mommy - Excuse the rolled pants straight from the 90's. Snow was getting in my boots!

Brooklyn playing in the snow...

Brooklyn running away...

Our Tree all decorated...Isn't she awseome!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Camera

Well, I ~finally~ got my new camera and I am IN LOVE! I am not kidding...if I wasn't alredy married I would totally be preposing to the camera. It is so great!

It always amazes me when I get new technology. I always think back to what I use to have and think the same thing.

How did I ever survive without this before? ha!

I upgraded to the Nikon D60. I got it a few days before Black Friday since BestBuy as having a kick ass deal on it. It came with 2 different lenses (the standard 18 - 55 lense & the 55 - 200 lense) My favorite so far is the 55 - 200. I can take some really close pics of Brooklyn's face with that one.

Anyway, here are some reent pics that I have taken. They are mostly of Brooklyn but there are a few of the WVU Home Basketball game for last weekend.



Love the snot and drool in this pic...it really shows the TRUE Brooklyn! lol




Baby, It's cold outside!

Well, not really so cold today (for God only knows why, it is almost 60 degrees today) but the past few days have been COLD! When the weather changes every year then same thing happens but I always forget.

August comes around and I am sick and tired of the heat. I then start wishing for 60 degree days where I can wear a comfy sweatshirt and curl up under a blanket at night. Football starts and we finally get those cooler nights that I just love. All is great for about 2 minutes...ugh!

That lasts for about 3 weeks in September THEN October and November come and the weather goes from cool to bitter cold. Not any fun at all!

So NOW I am where I am every stinkin year...wishing for warmer weather but knowing that true winter weather hasn't yet to even begin.

Any one else feel this way? Anyone have this winter weather amnesia?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am over it...

I am OVER it...

I am over the spotting.
I am over the bleeding.
I am over being scared to wipe.
I am over thinking about it.
I am over worrying about it.
I am over people telling me that everything will be alright.
I am over stressing.
I am over crying about it.
I am over ALWAYS having a stressful pregnancy.
I am over constantly watching other pregnancies be worry-free.
I am over wondering why me.
I am over people telling me to not think about it.
I am over wanting something that I may never have.
I am over being optimistic.
I am over being pitied.
I am over thinking that this time might be the last time...it never is.

I am over it.

To all of those that understand where I am coming from, I am sorry! I hate to think that I am not the only one who deals with this. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

To all of those that have no clue where I am coming from...be thankful! Trust me...it can always be worse.

I am not looking for sympathy...I just don't want to think, worry, cry about it anymore.