Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger..

God, I have been sucking lately.

Sorry about that...We have loads going on but can't find the energy to type.

Only enough energy to lay, eat when I am not nauseous and go to WVU sporting events.

You gotta have priorities.

Will update soon. Promise! Until then...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet Our Newest Bean...


After some haggling to get an appointment earlier than January, I was "squeezed in" this morning to see my midwife Kelly Gevas.

It was a good appointment but LONG. I think that having a 13mth old along for the ride made it a tad bit longer. Oh well...I guess that I should get use to that. It is too big of a pain to drop her somewhere for an hour just to go to the doctor.

Anyway, All the normal first appointment stuff happened. I answered all the questions about Daves and my medical history, signed a bunch of papers, learned how to eat while knocked up, and gave (well, they took) some blood.

On a side note, the lady (Olivia) that took my blood was GREAT. If you know me, you know that I hate needles. I hate looking at them, getting them, watching others get them. I make it a rule to tell the person sticking me that I am not a needle person and if they could do a good job that would be great. Olivia was very nice but didn't really instill confidence in me at all. She took a long time while feeling for my vein and that freaked me out. Let me tell you though, when she stuck that needle in....I felt nothing! Not even a poke, not a pinch, not even a tad bit of burning. I ~heart~ Olivia!

Kelly had given me lab orders to set up an appointment for my follow-up and for my Ultrasound. I kind of fibbed and told her that since I was nursing, I wasn't completely sure when I ovulated. was a big lie. I know the exact day that I ovulated. I feel bad about it...well, I dont. I needed to see my bean sooner than later. I think that Dave would have gone insane listening to rant about all my worries.

As I was making appointments, the appointment guy asked if I had time to get my U/S before I left. I would love to see what my face looked like when he said that. He probably knows that he made my day.

About 5 minutes later I was in my U/S room getting all checked out. They did the normal stuff before showing me anything good. I saw my ovaries and the tech told me which one I ovulated from. Finally, she said and this is the baby. After she said that, I immediately saw a small black/white flicker. If the stress that I was having would have made me purple, you would have been able to see the purple drain out of me.

I was really excited to just SEE the heartbeat but we were also blessed enough to hear it too. I also thought that it was cool that Brooklyn was able to hear it too. I don't think that she cared because by that point she was trying to get UNDER the exam table. ~~rolling eyes~~

I know, I know...This next one is going to be just as crazy!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my due date was changed from July 6th to July 8th, 2009. My mom thinks that a July 4th baby would be cool but I would like to see the fireworks. The last 2 years we havent been able to see them. I hope that '09 is not the same!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

After 13 months...

Brooklyn's milk bar is finally closing. Brooklyn was born about 3 wks early and that made her extremely lazy at everything. From nursing regularly to sleeping ALL DAY. Since she had NO desire to eat and only wanted to sleep she lost a lb in the hospital. Her ped. was worried about her but she knew how badly I wanted to nurse her. Dr. Clawges stick by us and gave me hope that it would all work out.

The first 4 weeks of waking Brooklyn every 2 hours day and night was SO hard. Being a first time mom, recovering from C-section and battling all these new hormones was awful. Wait..Awful isn't right, it was more like torture with a coating of awful just for fun. Just imagine, trying to nurse a sleeping baby, while trying to wake her with cold wash cloths. Sound fun? Hopefully this next baby will come out a little more awake. I can always dream, right?

We were down to one nursing session in the morning since she turned one. Once I found out that I was knocked up again, I wanted to get my boobs back for a little while before this baby is born.

Her last nursing session was on Sunday morning, October 26th. Leading up to this, I knew that Brooklyn didn't ~really~ care. It was me that was going to have a hard time. NOT that I wanted her permanently on my boob but that it really meant that she was growing up and not needing me as much.

Well, just like I thought, Brooklyn did fine! And to my disbelief so did I. I was so nice not to worry about yet something else in the morning. Before then, I felt like I couldn't get my day going until I nursed her. Which was hard on days that she decided to sleep until 9am. Now there is no need to think that way. Whenever I wake, is when I can get ready. It was SO freeing.

Now if you are reading this wondering how ~not~ breastfeeding anymore can be freeing then you have never done it. I can't say that Brooklyn never had formula (she had to in the hospital) but I can say that she has had my very best for 13 beautiful, blissful, stressful, loving months. I wouldn't change anything about my breastfeeding experience.

Here is a picture of Brooklyn in a boob comma when she was just 3 mths old.