Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy ~1st~ Birthday Brooklyn!

I can not believe that Brooklyn is ONE today! This time last year I was sleeping off my spinal from Brooklyn's C/S. She was breech and no matter how much we tried to turn her she refused to turn. Strong willed even in the womb! Not much has changed though....she still screams when she wants something and smiles at you when you jump up. I swear she is saying "That's right...I said Jump!" LOL

Here is a video montage that I made. It is a bunch of pictures from birth to now! I hope that you enjoy...it makes me tear up almost everytime I see it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brooklyn's Birthday Bash!

Thank God that is over...we had an AWESOME time but it was SO time consuming and stressful (planning, getting ready).


We had beauitful weather...I think it was 78 at the most. We had about 68 people there (about 50+ adults and 12 kids). We had a ton of food but it went really fast! Everyone ate like there had never eaten before. We had 2 crockpots of sloppy joes AND a 200-count nugget tray from Chick-fil-a plus snacks and it was gone in about 45 min. Oh well!


Since there was SO many people, I didn't feel like I got a chance to talk to everyone. I felt bad and continualy said sorry to everyone...of course everyone understood. Almost everyone came that was invited and I made a simiple speech at the begining telling them that they were ~every~ important to Brooklyn, Dave and I and that is why I wanted them there.


So I just wanted to say a HUGE Thanks again for coming and celebrating Brooklyn's first year with us. You will never know how blessed Dave, Brooklyn and I feel that you ALL showed up for us and most importantly for Brooklyn. Thanks Again...


I can't believe that Brooklyn is going to be ~1~ in a matter of days, what happened to my baby girl.

She went from this....
30 wk belly shot side Photobucket

To this...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finger Painting Fun

A few weeks ago Micheal's was having a great sale on finger paint and water colors. Since they were only 99 cents a bottle I got a few for Brooklyn. Even if she didn't like it now she would like it in the next few weeks, I thought!

Since J was haning with Grams this weekend (Shannon & Doug away...don't ask where. It was another state...the one with the arch. I don't know why I can't remember.) and hanging out with us too, I thought that it would be a great time to get messy.

Here are the pics.....Enjoy!






Yum-o .....non-toxic paint! Better than breastmilk!

Hasta pastas!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random, More Random, and the Most Random

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have updated....Things are crazy right now, so bare through this post.

**Brooklyn is turning 1 in 10 days, that is less than 2 weeks from now. I can't believe that she will be 1... The thought of this is just completely foreign to me. Almost like I haven't been watching her this year and I just met her a few ago. I can't think about her turning 1 for too long because I tend to start obsess about her going off to college, getting married, and not being my little girl anymore. Ugh...stop think thinking about it. Dave is ~so~ excited about her getting bigger. I wish that I thought the same way that he does. He is looking at all the cool and interesting things that she is starting to do instead of looking at it like she is never going to do them again. Don't tell him that I said that though.

**Breastfeeding is getting harder and harder as Brooklyn gets closer to 1. I think that I am drying up or Brooklyn is not as interested or maybe some of the both. Either way, I have had to start giving Brooklyn some Organic Whole Milk in addition to nursing her. She is almost down to 3 nursings a day instead of the 4 that she has been having for about 6 mths. I can't believe with all the problems that we had in the beginning that we are getting closer and closer to our 1 year milestone. If you have never breastfed then you might not understand but if you did (even for a short time) you understand. LOL

**Tae Kwon Do is going well. I have my first of 3 belt testings on Wednesday. This will be the first step in getting my black belt. I can't believe that in about 4 mths I will be a black belt. A black belt! After more than 2 years of training, getting knocked up, going on bed rest, and coming back after having the baby I will be a black belt. Freakin awesome. I wonder if I will have to register my hands as 'deadly weapons'. That would be so cool!

**Brooklyn and Dave both have Hand-Foot & Mouth. HA! Brooklyn is totally fine with it and isn't really complaining about anything. Dave on the other hand- he is a little concerned about the pain that he is going to be in. Several times this evening I caught him checking out the palms of his hands and using his tongue to check his lips and inside his mouth. Every time I just chuckled and smiled at him. I think that he thought that it was funny but was still a little nervous. He went to bed early this evening, I think that he didn't want to think about it anymore tonight.

**Brooklyn has her next well baby visit on the 3oth of this month....I will update weight, height, etc after that appointment. Let me just tell you that Brooklyn is huge and I would not be shocked if she tipped the scales at 22lbs. At the MedExpress today she was 23+lbs with her cloths on and a new diaper. My guess is about 22lbs. 7 oz. Any other guesses.

**We have been having some problems with heat rash while she is sleeping at night. For this reason we have had to use prefolds during the day and a sposie at night. I was a little worried to go all prefolds but they have not been bad at all. They clean up great, don't smell bad while in the bin and they fit under her clothes so trim. LOVE THEM...

Well that is all for now, I will be super busy next week getting ready for the First Birthday party on Saturday. If you are coming and haven't RSVPed yet, get on it already! It should be fun and the food is gonna be super yummy!

Later Gators!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just love it...

Check out my daughter cracking up...She's just crazy. Yes, I think that she sounds like she smokes a pack a day too.