Sunday, May 25, 2008

8 Months Old....

Wow...I can't believe that my baby girl is already 8 months old! That is just crazy to me. I was remembering back in early November, I was making a chiropractor appointment. They wanted me to wait at least 5 months before I made the next appointment. That brought me to June. I remember, as I was holding my then 2 month old, "In June, Brooklyn will be 8 months old!" Then it seemed SO FAR AWAY! At that time, she was still in her 'baby-baby phase' where she couldn't do anything but cry, poop and look around. I couldn't until she was older. Then she would be able to sit-up, roll over, maybe even start crawling.

Well, I got my wish! She IS older and she CAN do those things! You think that I would be happy about that...but all I want is for her to STOP GETTING OLDER!

If anyone out there finds out how, please let me know!

Until then, I am enjoying each day without wanting or waiting for another!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gotta Love This...

I don't think that I have said all these things but I ~have~ heard about 80% of them from my mom while growing up. I guess as Brooklyn gets older I will say more and more of them!

Hope that you enjoyed it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yard Sale Season

Woot...It is finally yard sale season! I love yard sales. They ROCK and you can get so much great stuff cheap. I think that when you have children, it is best to buy great quality USED clothes and toys.

For the past month, Dave and I have been yard saling. We have found some really great deals.

This past weekend, we went to the Biggest Community Yard Sale in Morgantown. Dave and I have been talking about this sale for months. It was so much fun and we got lots of toys for Brooklyn.

Take a look~

Infant Ugg boots BRAND NEW $5


Toddler Play Yard ~ $20


Little Tykes Toy Box ~ $2.50 WOOT!


Step 2 Table with Chairs ~ $10.00


I pretty much have everything that I was looking for and got it at ONE community sale! WOO HOO!

Now all I need is a Little Tykes Side or Swing site for the back yard and a little house for the back yard too!

If you live in Morgantown...keep you eye out for these things! thanks~

7 Month Update & Other random updates~

Brooklyn went to the doctor for her 7 month well visit and to get some shots. (She is on a modified vaccine schedule, so she gets shots every month) Here are her stats from the appointmentt.

Weight: 19lbs 6 1/2 oz 87%
Height: 27 ins 65%

I can't believe that she weighs almost 20lbs since just 6 weeks ago she weighed 17lbs. Crazy! I guess I make cream instead of milk. Ha!

Breastfeeding is still going strong! I can't believe how hard it was in the beginning for it to be so easy now. I am still undecided to when I plan to wean but as long as Brooklyn is happy, I am willing to continue. I do hope that she plans on weaning before she leaves for college though!

Cloth diapers - This is also going well! I am really enjoying it and Brooklyn still has not gotten a rash! WOOT! I can't wait until we have another baby so I can start building my newborn stash. Can you imagine all those cute little fitted diapers. cute!

Brooklyn is also doing really well with all the food we are giving her. We have stopped giving her the cereal and haven't had anymore trouble so that is good! We are getting ready for her to start some meats (chicken, pork, turkey). I am planning on also making these for her, hopfully she will like them as much as everything else. So far her favs are; apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, avacado and squash. I just love watched her try new things!

See ya when I see ya!

Mother's Day ~ better late then never :)

What can I say...we have.been.busy! I haven't been able to post ~but~ I have been blogging in my head and trying to figure out what I wanted to say once I finally got the time and energy.

I just put Brooklyn down, so I should have 2 hours of uninterrupted blog time. Lets see if I can get it done.

Here I go:

Mother's Day - Well, Mother's Day Weekend!

What can I say, It Rocked! Dave was great and Brooklyn wasn't fussy at all which was nice. On Friday, we were supposed to have a softball game but it was cancelled due to rain. It actually wasn't raining during the time of the softball game but rained the entire day so the canceled it. Anyway, I digress! Since we didn't play, Dave, Brooklyn and I went to Lowes to get veggies and fruit for my garden. (Remember the weird conversation) Once we got back, we just hung out. Dave and I watched a movie and Brooklyn went to bed.

On Saturday, Dave and I worked in the yard. Dave helped picking up rocks in the garden as I planted the veggies and fruit that we bought yesterday. Can I just say how much I LOVE my garden! Last year, I was only able to plant using planters. That is totally fun but I didn't feel like a real gardener. KWIM? (Know What I Mean) I can't wait for my seeds to start popping through the soil and to start eating all the yummy veggies and fruit. After we finished gardening, we got cleaned up and went to a Japanese Steak House. LOVED IT! Dave and I ate ourselves until we were completely stuffed. It.was.great!

On Sunday, Mothers Day, I was pampered all day! Dave brought Brooklyn to me and I nursed her in bed while Dave got her diaper, breakfast and clothes ready for the day. After I nursed Brooklyn, Dave took her back and I lounged in bed and watched TV. Ohhh...So great! The day pretty much continued like that, I didn't change a single diaper all day, didn't have to put Brooklyn down for naps and didn't have to make my lunch or dinner. After church, we went to Shannon and Doug's for a Mother's Day picnic with some friends. Before we went home we went to Cold Stone for some yummy ice cream!

The perfect end to a perfect day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Werid Conversation in the Check out line~

Dave, Brooklyn and I went to Lowes this evening to get some last minute supplies for my garden. We were trying to get in and out since it was already 6ish (Brooklyn's nap time) and it was starting the drizzle a bit. So, we got everything that we needed (two whole flatbeds full) and preceded to the checkout.

As we waited in line, (I think everyone in Morgantown had our same idea tonight) everything was going well until a lady came up to make conversation with me.

Here is our conversation~

Lowes Customer Lady (LCL) - Comes from behind me and taps my shoulder. "Is this child your only one?"

***Let me say, that since having Brooklyn people come up to us ALL THE TIME! I have gotten use to it. People are always commenting on her cuteness or that they like what she is wearing.***

Me - Kind of puzzled by the question, but recover and say "She is it for now."

LCL - "Oh, my daughter has 2 little girls and another on the way. They are so cute! She says that she is finished after this one though."

Me - "Oh." At this point I am trying to check to see where Dave is..I can just tell this conversation is going to take a turn for the worse soon.

LCL - "She really is so cute and so happy" Brooklyn smiles at her and she begins to try to touch Brooklyn's hand. As she starts to touch her I begin to move the stroller back a little, hoping the she would get the point.

***here is where the conversation really went down high fast.***

LCL - "Are you done having kids?"

Me - Trying not to look puzzled. "No, I doubt it."

LCL - "How many more do you want to have?"

Me - Looking even more puzzled "I don't know, as many as I can I guess."

LCL - "Do you still work?"

Me - Thinking - OMG...who asks these types of questions to someone at Lowes in the check out lane "No."

LCL - "Oh, good!" (She almost seemed surprised.) "I used to work but now I just babysit my husband."

Me - I look at her husband and smile He looks as freaked out as me.

***The conversation gets even stranger***

LCL - "Is your Mother is on the earth?"

Me - WHAT????? "Yeah."

LCL - "How about your Dad?"

Me - "Yeah."

LCL - "Wow, my husband's parents are both dead"

****How old does she think I am? Her husband was like 55 and I am 28. I think that it would be more strange if they weren't alive.

Me - Just hoping that the conversation is over.

LCL - "Well, good talking to you."

Me - "uh huh!"

Just thought that I would share this...anyone else have unwanted conversations in the checkout line lately?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just another day at the farm!

Last week, (I think that is was last week, anywho) Brooklyn and I went to the WVU Farm for Family Day at the Farm. It was loads of fun. I was a bit worried about the weather since it was pouring down in the morning. Fortunately it cleared up, sun came out, and it warmed up quit nicely. Brooklyn enjoyed looking at all the different animals and people that were walking around with us.

Here are some pictures:





Funny story about this picture - I ~thought~ that it would be a good idea to like Brooklyn touch/pet the chick that we were all looking at. So I get the chick in my hand, then let Brooklyn touch it. All goes well until she clenched her fist around the little chicks neck. I immediately freak out, trying to get her hand off the chick. Images of us being banned from the farm raced through my mind and then finally I got Brooklyn's hand off the chick. I checked him/her (I don't know who to tell, even if I tried to look) to make sure that it was alright, put him/her back in in its cage and quickly leave before anyone notices what happened. Ugh...Brooklyn, I will be sure to tell this story at your wedding!



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love this...

Today, J (my nephew & Brooklyn's cousin) was over while Shannon was working! After breakfast I but Brooklyn in her jumperoo and J took it upon him self to to entertain her. It was very funny!

Check it out~