Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Ticker

Just wanted to add....I have not looked a the baby ticker in a few weeks and it REALLY freaked my out when I did today.

It has gotten SO big...maybe that is why my stomache is really growing. And I thought that it was fromt the Oreos that I have been eating. huh...

Black Belt Testing...

After 3 long years, one pregnancy with bedrest and now another pregnancy I have completed my Black Belt training and PASSED my test.

I was super worried all week but everything went really great! I broke my boards and completed all THREE of my forms. Now, to get my actual black belt! Casey's ATA should be having a Black Belt Ceremony either this week or next.

I have most of the testing uploaded on facebook but will just post my board breaking video.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I cant believe that the temperature is actually ABOVE FREEZING!

Crazy....it hasn't been above freezing in about a month. I guess I should get my maturity bathing suit out and hit the pools.

Enjoy the heat wave fellow Morgantowners!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

15 mth Well Visit

This is going to be a quick post. I just wanted to update everyone with Brooklyn's 15mth stats.

Here we go!

Weight - 26lbs. 12oz. (90%)
Height - 32 1/4 in. (95%)
Head - 43 cm (90%)

Dr. Clawges walked in, sat down and said " I can't believe that I was every worried about her weight looking at her growth chart!"

She say something very similiar at EVERY visit! I just laugh and say yeah me too!

My girl can eat....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the search...

for a Doula!

I had NO idea it was going to be this hard. Well, I shouldn't say that...we do live in West Virginia. When I began the search I started with DONA (Doulas of North America International). They have a search engine that you can use witht the state that you are in. So, I typed in WV and about 5 doulas came up. Thats right 5! There was ONLY 1 in the Morgantown area.

***If anyone reading this, knows of a doula in our area....PLEASE refer them to me. I am due at the beginning of July.*** Thanks guys!

The reason that I want a doula with this pregnancy and birth is because with Brooklyn ended up with a C-section because she was breech. Even though we tried everything and then some to turn her, she refused to turn for her mothers. After the section, we found out why she was wouldn't turn. She was SO far down in my pelvis that she was born with bruises on her thighs. Poor thing!

Attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth AFTER C-section) is not easy. Most people want to scare with fact that you and the baby could die during this process. Why in fact, you ~could~ die during any birth; vaginal or C-section. For me - the vaginal birth is what my body is supposed to do....who am I to not even TRY to. Know what I mean?

While searching, I decided to take a closer look at what a doula would actually be doing. Attempting a VBAC is going to be hard enough on me and Dave, it might be good to have someone else their that is JUST their for me and the newest addition.

Prior to the birth the doula would:

-come to the mothers home for prenatal visits.

-talk with the mom about HER needs now, during and after the birth.

-discuss any fears that they may or may not have about the birth.

-talk with the partner (dad or other labor coach) about their needs during the birth and what they would like to do (and comfortable with doing) during the labor.

During the birth:

-tend to the moms needs (emotional, physical, etc.)

-show her different positions that may ease labor pains.

-explain all of her options to make sure that everyone understands (sometimes docs are in a hurry and dont explain everything well enough).

After the birth the doula will:

-Aid in getting the breastfeeding process going and continue to help if there are any problems (ie. latching, sleepy babies, etc.)

-Help the new parents cope with the newest addition to the house.

I was a little sad to find out how much $$$ doula actually cost. Being a one-income household you dont always have an extra $500 laying around. At least if we do it is normally ear marked for some WVU sporting event. Dave always says the same thing though...lets just see what happens. In Dave that means "If we really need it we will find a way." I am not worried about it, I know that it will all work out one way or the other. If everything was perfect I would have a guarentee that my Midwife (Kelly) would be there for whole birth. That way I know she would be able to help out and stick up for me is necessary.

I have an OB appointment with her on Friday so my plan is to ask her about all of this then. If she something really great....I will update you guys on what she says!

And here is a few random pic just for Heather.....She was complaining that I haven't posted any pics in 4 posts. Happy now! ha hahaha

They are NOT new but I like them.

Me knocke up with Brooklyn....that shirt did fit at one point!

Itty Bitty Brooklyn...I think she was 3ish weeks old. So CUTE!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

15 wks & 15 mths...

Hello out there!

Not too much going on here in the Shrewsberry house and I have never been more grateful for peace, quiet and relaxation.

The weather people ~said~ that Morgantown was going to get hit with 4inches of snow and at least 1/10inch of ice after that Friday night and throughout Saturday. Dave and I were psyched to hear this...being 'stuck' in the house is something we both love. We had planned for Dave to run to Ray's Pastries for doughnuts to last us the weekend on Saturday morning if the forcasted snow wasn't too bad. After that we planned to just relax, play with Brooklyn (maybe break in her new snow boots), and just stay inside for days. This was very welcome for me. I have been battling a headache from HELL for the last 4 days. Being pregnant and only being allowed to take regular strength Tylenol really wasn't going to do anything for this headache. I might as well have been rubbing water on my forehead. LOL

Well, if live in Morgantown you know that we woke up to NOTHING! Not even a drop of snow to see. Well, we didn't let it mess up our weekend though. We still did everything that we planned just minus the snow. Man, those doughnuts were good. I must say, Brooklyn is definitely my child...she ate an entire doughnut herself. Just like mama, well I had 2!

Dave and I have been slowly decorating the house. We painted the living room and dining room about 2 months ago and did other odds and ends around the house. A week or two ago, we ordered some custom made vertical wood blinds for our sliding glass doors in the dining room. They were finally delivered this week so Dave installed them on Saturday too. I am happy with the way the binds look and Brooklyn will not have to be blinded in the morning while eating with the sun coming in.

I also realized this weekend that Brooklyn is 15mths old and I am 15wks (on Monday) along in my pregnancy. I thought that was pretty cool and I don't think that it will happen again.

That reminds me that I wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATS! to Nancy. She just gave birth to her first son Karl yesterday! The link to her blog is on my sidebar if you would like to say Congrats yourself. She has been struggling with infertility for a long time and I am just so happy that she finally is holding that third child that she has dreamed about for so long. Congrats again Nancy!

I think that is all for now...The Steelers play this afternoon so you know where I will be!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Planning

I know, I know, some of my blog readers probably don't care what I need to remember for this next baby ~BUT~ I care and it is MY blog. haha!

I was going to make a word document, save it, etc...but I thought this would be easier. Plus, when the grandparents start to ask what we need, I can just refer them to my blog post.

Here I go. I am going to break the items down in categories and will also list websites & stores of where we plan on buying them. Oh yeah, for all those BTDT (Been there done that) 2nd time moms find that I have left something out PLEASE leave a comment. Like I have said before, this baby is sucking out my brain cells and I can not remember anything.


* 4-6 plain white short sleeved onies (Target or Wal-mart)

* 4-6 plain white long sleeved baby gowns (Target or Wal-mart)

* 12 - 24 infant socks (neutral colors - white, black & tan) (Target or Wal-mart)

* 4-5 gender neutral summer outfits (outfits should include shorts, t-shirt & summer hat) (Any children clothing store)


* 2-3 x-small or small "Swaddle Me" Blankets (Target Online Only)


* 1 dozen Orange Edge Newborn prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers Online)

* 2 dozen Yellow Edge Small prefolds (Green Mountain Diapers Online)

* 1 dozen Preemie Prefolds diapers and/or doublers (Green Mountain Diapers Online)

* 7-10 X-small Thirsties Diaper Covers - any gender neutral color (Cottonbabies.com)

* 7-10 Small Thirsties Diaper Covers - any gender neutral color (cottonbabies.com)

* 3-5 Snappis (cottonbabies.com)

* 7-10 Size 0 Unbleached Kissaluv Cloth fitted diapers (cottonbabies.com)

* 4-7 Kissaluvs Boosters cloth Inserts Unbleached (cottonbabies.com)

* 1 Dry Whammies Diaper Pail Liner (cottonbabies.com)

* 1 Lg. Dry Diaper Pail (Target or Wal-mart)

Bath time:

* 10 baby wash cloths (Target or Wal-mart)
* Large bottle of California Baby Liquid Soap (Amazon.com)
* Baby grooming kit (brush, comb, etc) (Wal-mart or Target)

Feeding & Nursing:

* Breastmilk storage bags


* Boppy Comfort in Comfort Bouncer (Target)
* Moby Wrap Infant/toddler carrier (MobyWrap.com)

Furniture: (Since the new baby is getting all of Brooklyn's nursery furniture, this is mostly for Brooklyn's Big Girl room)

* Convertible Crib, dresser, bookshelves & night stand (IKEA)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Dave!

New Years Day is my husbands birthday. He is the BIG 31! In honor of his day....I found the Funny Birthday Poem to share with you all and give to him.

I found is very funny...hope you enjoy!

Ode to An Aging Man

Oh how your bones creak as you rise from the couch.Or how you make a grunting sound even when no poop comes out.Hark! Our king is rising to go to the kitchen for another beer.Let's celebrate this special day your liver made it another year.

Happy Birthday!

Hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year! Can't wait to see what happens in 2009!