Sunday, September 20, 2009

Biggest Pumpkin 2009 Contest

We entered Brooklyn in the Southern States Biggest Pumpkin Contest after going to the WVU Farm Day back in May.

At the farm day, they gave every child a few pumpkin seeds and instructions how to plant them. The goal was to simiple - grow the largest pumpkin possible.

Brooklyn getting her pumpkin weighed...

Brooklyn with her reward...
Pumpkin Contest 2009

All the kids that participated in the contest...
Pumpkin Contest 2009

In the end Brooklyn DID NOT win. We were VERY proud of her though...she grew a pumpkin that was 25lbs. Very big for a almost 2 year old. The largest pumpkin was 103lbs...I know, that is HUGE. We will be participating next year so maybe we could win then!

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